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Welcome to the Massachusetts American Patriot the III%.

We would like to thank you for visiting us. It means a great deal for us to know that there are others like ourselves out there who cherish this great country, and what it represents, as much as we do. Please take a minute to watch the video below to see some of the good work we are doing in Massachusetts. We exist to serve others through the generosity of others.

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It is our mission here at American Patriot – III% to unite citizens and Patriots from all walks of life who believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and the Freedoms and Liberties our founding fathers intended. That includes ALL of our fellow Americans regardless of race, religion, national origin, political affiliation, gender, or sexual orientation.

We strive to be leaders of our communities and advocates for change and hope. When the call arises for assistance we will be there as a helping hand. We are a community with many different varieties and backgrounds. From Police and Military personnel to EMT’s and Auto Mechanics, Safety Inspectors and Advertising Specialists, Plumbers to Carpenters. In this group every single person has a special role and IS an integral part of our Community

We have sat idly by as our rights have been diminished and our Constitution has been stepped upon over and over again. We have allowed our lives to be controlled and our futures to be placed in the hands of those who intend to do us harm. This is our time, a time to come together as brothers and sisters alike and create a new family of individuals whom we love and trust as our own. People, like you and I, who can rely on one another to be there and have each other’s backs when, and if, the time ever calls for it.


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